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I am experienced safety and navigational officer, leader of mooring party,superviser for deck ratings,cargo officer,radio and communication officer,specialist in ice navigation. I am confident that with my experience to date,motivation to succeed and current skill set, I would make a valuable edition to any employer's team. Online by Skype and Viber all the time CES: Passed : 96 % Marline : 88 % .

Co C: OOW Navigator 11797/2016/07 Nikolayev GOC (GMDSS) (IV/2) 11796/2016/07 Nikolayev GENERAL OPERATOR GMDSS 05185/2013/42/33 Nikolayev Basic Safety Training (VI/1) 6681 Nikolayev Survival Craft (VI/2) 5039 Nikolayev Fast Rescue Boats (VI/2) 0002/2013 Odessa Advanced Fire Fighting (VI/3) 4412 Nikolayev Medical Care (VI/4) 688 Nikolayev Tanker Familiarization (V/1) 06032/2013/42/10 Nikolayev Advanced Oil (V/1) 2/141/09 Nikolayev Advanced Chemical (V/1) 2/099/09 Nikolayev Advanced Gas (V/1) 2/063/09 Nikolayev Ship Security Officer SSO.06 Nikolayev Ships Safety Officer ISM.0513.101 Nikolayev Security Awareness Training 0998/2014 Odessa Crude Oil Washing 2/034/09 Nikolayev Passenger Ships RO-RO 01578/2013/42/08 Nikolayev Ships Other RO-RO Passenger 01770/2013/42/09 Nikolayev Operation of Electrical and Electronic Control ECDIS 743 Nikolayev BRIDGE TEAM AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 837 Nikolayev Carrying Dangerous and Hazardous Cargoes 1654 Nikolayev Radar & ARPA 4990 Nikolayev Yellow Fever Vaccination Odessa Personal Skills: I have experience with mixed crew : GERMAN, ITALIY, ROMANIAN. Command of English language Good Computer literacy Good All documents with STCW 78/95 ( with Manila amendments)Contact Info of last Agency Address: DGERELA MARITIME SERVICES LTD., 2/6, Observatorniy lane, Office 14, Odessa 65014, Ukraine Thanks & Regards! PANAMAX DWT frome 65.000 - 120.000CAPE DWT 120.000 - 220.000 Passed traning with specific Transas, Furuno, JRC, ECDIC.

We do not respond for consequences of their actions. The main rule: "Don't rely on doubtful dilettantes. "Our detective agency will be useful to individuals, who need such services as: people search, find people, search missing persons in Ukraine, Russia and CIS (Eastern Europe countries).

We locate address, phone, white pages, yellow pages.

Since 2008 Humidity and Steam became a separate business area of Cellkraft.

is the real owner of the trademark and the brand name Detective-Ukraine since 2001. All other Internet sites which may copy parts of our domain name "Detective-Ukraine" and the site content are acting illegally.

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On one hand it demonstrates us as a leader in this market, clients love us.At merchant fleet: Experienced in loading and discharging bulk and general cargo as Ch.off2nd officer with Chief Mate's license on hands Posses of strong skills as 2nd mate and have knowledge and experience in cargo ops, and variety of sailing areas. Odessa national Maritime Academy Successful passing of port state control inspections, flag and register survey.