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New York City should be the heart in the land of opportunity, but instead, these caps limit opportunity for thousands every year.

In October, legislation that would increase the number of available permits was introduced to the New York City Council’s Committee on Consumer Affairs.

I was impressed enough to Google the author and discovered a whole world revolving around his books. More Googling brought me to the EARTH ABIDES project web site, hosted by the same biographer, Donald M. By this time, I was engaged enough by the book, the author (and Mr. Western News asked faculty to submit any new books for possible review. I'm as active as I want to be, which is a perfect zone to stroll around in. (Yikes.) Merle got me a bottle of 18-year-old Glenfiddich and the CD Tell Laura I Love Her (Big Hit, 1960... Those were the days we thought we'd all have a Corvette and tool across America at leisure. ) But I digress (an allowance at my age)Stumbled across an entry on me that I didn't realize was on the internet. a kind of (rare) family cohesion that is so difficult to assemble or coordinate as everyone gets older and constructs their own lives as adults. There are about 30,000 students there, and it is a big place. Riding the train for 2 hours each way leaves me time to enjoy reading. The Drop, too, is the recipient of a host of positive reviews, whetting my appetite. Family note: my brother has asked me not to update his chemo treatments here, preferring more privacy now. We had the above-mentioned mix of days, but overall, enjoyed ourselves lots. Last night, we went to see The Dark Knight, and we're still recovering and talking about it. He stands as a giant in my eyes in terms of character and strength.

Ordered a biography about him from Amazon (The Life and Truth of George R. Scotts biography and dedication to Stewart and his works) that I wrote a short letter of supportive endorsement to Don Scott, which is posted here on the site. I'll take any excuse...)), I've just recently discovered. His Jane Whitefield character is a remarkable (and original) achievement. I explained that although these 3 novels had been out-of-print for several years, they had just been re-published simultaneously by E-Reads (NY) as both e-Books and trade paperbacks in 2012, and that in effect, then, they were newly designed, brand new books that folks might like to know were once more easily available. Doing some genealogical probing regarding my grandfather (Martin Radey), I came across a piece written (in 2012) about my 1999 novel A Witness to Life. John Clute's landmark volumes of the 1990s (The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction , The Encyclopedia of Fantasy), are being digitalized and made available to all. There was a party of about 30 folks who made the trip to be a part of the event, and it was a pretty emotional time for this old Dad. I'm still polishing off Henning Mankell and Jo Nesbo novels. My 1993 Honda Civic has been on parole for the last 2 years. As for the King novel, I approach it quite differently. He can tell a story, but he can also overtell that story. Simply, his reactions to them and their mixed results make comment almost impossible anyway. My cousin Jacquie visited for one day ( a great sunny day). Carpenter, Lee Child and am in the middle of Julie Phillips's biography James Tiptree, Jr. It had real tension and a real sense of menace -- unimaginably strong for a Batman movie. Got a typed, computer note from Daniel, along with a clay cast of his hand that he made in school. Merle got me the new Lee Child book (Nothing To Lose, featuring his ongoing character, Jack Reacher) and the latest novel by one of my new discoveries, Galway novelist Ken Bruen. Also finally had a chance to watch a DVD of the 2006 film The Last King of Scotland, in which Forest Whitaker gives his Oscar-winning performance as 1970s Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. I told him he reminded me of how our father would have dealt with it all -- which is a compliment.

Held an Open House from 3 to 5 Saturday, October 15. Merle, Daniel and I are well into the DVD of Season 2 of Homeland. It's a book I've known of since the 60s, but somehow never got around to reading. Plan right now is to talk about the 3 Ashland books (Shadow of Ashland, A Witness to Life and St. He's got words there I don't even know (equipoisal? Devoured the biography of Joseph Kennedy (The Patriarch, mentioned December 27 below) -- almost 800 pages. They gave it a Conditional Pass -- which they can do if the estimated repairs are over 0. It's not even certain right now if they'll even test it (I spoke with a mechanic at Canadian Tire last week... Egad...) and recall enjoying it, so I bought a new copy (of the Tor paperback) and read it again -- along with the 10 short stories they've included in the volume to flesh it out.

Monicas School (my old grade school) celebrated its 100th anniversary. Daniel thinks he might have a friend over this weekend and try to introduce him to the show. Beyond my students, I only know about 30 people -- folks from my own area, fellow Writing and English profs for the most part. The books were handed off by the editors to a gentleman named Kane Faucher, an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies. But he provided an intriguing (and highly academic) reading of the novels, from a unique vantage point and background, which is certainly worth the time of anyone interested in them. But it's something I'd like to shine a small light on and bring to the attention of other readers. Posted a link in the What's New box on the main page, but I'll post it here too: I'll be at Keep Toronto Reading 2013, 7 PM, April 16. Here's the link to my own entry, but it can lead you into the indexes of the volumes themselves: Back in 2010, the Honda failed (it'd been close for a few years, but finally slipped over the edge). It's due for its 2012 emision test at the beginning of February. I understand they can give it one more Conditional Pass (for 2 years), then that's it. I've always thought he needed to be (seriously) edited, but his international success has precluded that ever happening. People would buy his laundry lists (maybe they have... We caught more than 50 rock and smallmouth bass (honest! Very suspenseful, some good writing, and it even managed to be moving and thoughtful. I read the short 1954 Richard Matheson novel as a teenager back in 1964, when it was released as a 40 cent Bantam paperback (44 years ago...

Went to visit on the occasion, along with Merle and Michael and his wife, Gina (Michael is the Michael from grade 1, mentioned near the beginning of Names). Weve perhaps (finally) left the 19th century behind in terms of thinking about poetry. Sun on red-yellow trees outside the window, forecast for great weather. I've been up since , finishing off grading a set of assignments from one of my classes. Sunday evening will be a focal point for the next few months. All this is made more poignant by her passing, back in 2009... As well as the above, Barking Dogs and Blue Limbo thrive at Phoenix Pick, and is a gateway to the others -- indeed, to all books... For our Saturday Night at the Movies, Merle, Daniel and I watched a DVD of Slumdog Millionaire last night (picked it out of a Bargain Bin at Best Buy for .99). If you're old enough, you know what I'm talking about (advertised in the back of every comic book in our long-ago youth... A terrific book about a fascinating figure -- one who commingled fabulous material success and wealth, power and celebrity with multiple personal tragedies involving 5 of his 9 children (2 sons -- JFK, RFK -- assassinated; his eldest, Joe, shot down over the English channel during WW2 at age 29; a daughter -- Kathleen -- died in a plane crash in the late 40s; his eldest daughter -- Rosemary -- spending her adult life in care facilities for the mentally handicapped. Two World Wars, the Roaring Twenties, the Stock Market Crash, the Depression, then the 50s and 60s. We're big fans of the prequel (Taken), and can't be dissuaded. (Quite different from the film, which uses only its central idea). Unlike the short title novel, they never transcend their genre and seem contrived, occasionally clever, and rather empty ultimately. It's a fine piece of suspenseful vampire lore, from the writer who also penned the book from which the 1957 film The Incredible Shrinking Man evolved. Clearly, I've been offered the opportunity to teach 2 writing courses at The University of Western Ontario this coming Fall, and have accepted. The Toronto Public Library is sponsoring a Canada Council, Heritage Reading Series in April and May, focusing on Speculative Fiction.

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