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08-Jul-2015 06:59

Unlike the Jews, the Greeks reckoned a day went from dawn to dawn and they would celebrate the meal in the morning with the coming of the new day.

This liberation from the evening meal would then make it possible to integrate the meal in Roman planetary week calendar.

Thus the “Day of the Lord” prefigures our eternal rest.

The Universe is a vast, seemingly unending marvel of existence. From the top of a tall mountain, like Mauna Kea, shown here, you might hope to measure the Earth’s curvature, but your efforts would be in vain.

We read in Justin Martyr’s about the Christian assembly: “We come together on the day of the sun, for this is the day which God, drawing matter from darkness, created the world” (67). Despite the new naming, the day of the celebration of the Christian Sunday remains the first day of the week as in the Jewish calendar.

Still, the evolution of the terms reflects a deepened understanding of the importance of the empty tomb.

Some places are curved upwards, others downwards, and any small region visible to you is unlikely to be a fair representation of the entire planet.

Furthermore, a meal is the context of the appearances of the Lord to his disciples. Also the wording “the first day of the week” is taken from the Jewish calendar.Over the past century, we’ve learned that the Universe stretches out beyond the billions of stars in our Milky Way, out across billions of light years, containing close to a trillion galaxies all told. From even 14,000 feet up, the curvature of the Earth is totally indistinguishable from flat.