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A corporation issues these dividends if it plans to terminate its business or if it plans to merge with another corporation under a new name.

When a corporation decides to shut down, it liquidates its assets.

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The liquidators say in addition to their current inventory, the stores are receiving new shipments from warehouses.A liquidating dividend is used when a corporation is dissolving and it needs to distribute its assets to its shareholders.Paid after satisfying all corporate debts, the liquidating dividend is meant to provide a return on investment.The former target company stockholders transfer their basis to their new stock, and when they sell their acquiring company stock they will use that figure to calculate their taxable gain or loss.

However, if the merger is for cash and stock, the target company's stockholders must recognize gain attributed to the transaction to the extent they received cash.Keep your tax records for at least seven years, to protect against the possibility of future audits.