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Above: Adult Wryneck, Landguard, England (Bill Baston). Fairly small and in size and structure perhaps more like a large warbler, a long-tailed chat or small shrike rather than a woodpecker.Has a distinctly non woodpecker-like short, fine, pointed bill with a curved culmen.Unlike other woodpeckers the bill is also smooth and lacks grooves though this cannot be seen in the field.

A brown line also runs down through the centre of the crown, to the nape, mantle and back.Several low income countries – such as Chad and Mali scored the highest for healthy foods, while European countries like Belgium and Hungary and republics of the former Soviet Union – including Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan – scored lowest for healthy foods.Previous studies on the quality of diets worldwide had revealed large differences in quality between nations, but researchers noted such large differences were not seen in the new study, when overall diet was scored.'The distinct dietary trends based on healthy and unhealthy foods, we highlight, indicate the need to understand different, multiple causes of these trends, such as agricultural, food industry, and health policy.The base colour of the crown, nape, hind-neck, most of the back, rump and tail is grey, flecked with fine darker specks.

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The feathers are often pale tipped but this is not really noticeable in the field.It is unclear which race breeds in Greece, though it is possible that both torquilla and tschusii do. Some Wrynecks also winter in southern Spain and southern Italy.