Adult oral sex dating community

10-Mar-2015 22:04

When TV shows and books portray a woman receiving oral sex (and it's a rare occurrence), it's often clumsy and unfulfilled.

Take the much-talked-about scene in the HBO show In the end, the real trick to enjoying any sexual act is to know what you want and how to ask for it.

However, I'm not the only woman I know who feels ambivalence toward oral sex. One friend was obsessed with the notion that bits of mealy toilet paper could be stuck down there. What I need more than anything is someone I trust and am comfortable with. Till then, I'd prefer if my lovers kept their heads above the covers.

When I asked female friends for their opinions, many gave less than stellar reviews: It takes too long. Another simply said, "Meh."And pop culture reflects our ambivalence. You should also check out: 10 Sex Positions & Techniques Chic & Discreet Adult Sex Toys Best Sex Tips for Women (and Men!

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But oral sex demands total surrender to the moment and the person you're with. Instead of being lost in ecstasy, when a guy goes down on me, I'm worrying about loose hairs, whether or not his jaw is getting exhausted, and how I look down there.

my mind wanders to things that have absolutely nothing to do with sex: I fret that I'm late with the cable bill or that I left the iron on.

Don't get me wrong: Many women adore oral sex, and I consider it a sign of sexual progress that a man's oral skills now give him bragging rights. I've found that oral sex is not casual for me, which means that—I'm sorry, sailor—you can't show up at midnight, jump under the sheets, and expect to blow my mind.

As a real life example: I love the idea of blow jobs.