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08-Mar-2016 08:12

Everyone from politicians to music stars to ordinary citizens is at risk of being snared.A few of the better known sting operations are listed below on this page.Sex crime sting operations are on the rise as popularized in television shows such as .Law enforcement agencies throughout the country are increasingly trying to lure and catch people via the Internet.A search of their home and computer equipment revealed information about others in the group, including a Clovis, California father of four who appeared to be the ringleader.Results: Twelve Americans and ten Europeans were arrested in connection with the group.

v=Ut ECTbmw_Ks&t=178s You can read the whole thing here: you don't like to read, here's The Voice Only You Tube Video Book.Law enforcement officers have learned that it is relatively easy to lure people into committing a sexual crime, and that sexual cases are politically popular to prosecute and very unpopular to defend. We have been extremely successful in defending people who have been caught in a sting either through a moment of bad judgment or illegal entrapment.If you have been accused of a sexual crime or think you may have been targeted by an undercover officer or even a private citizen, you must contact an experienced defense attorney. Early intervention can save your life in these cases.Our experienced sex crimes defense attorneys can be reached 24 hours per day at (800) 993-0632. Subject: The investigation centered on a group of approximately 20 individuals who were molesting their own children and trading the images and videos with others in the group.

Background: Operation Hamlet began in November 2001 when a group called Save the Children was alerted to a picture of a young girl being abused by an unidentified man.

The only way you can get it (and the multimedia audio book) is to have me mail them to you.

She was impregnated as a result of multiple rapes by Serb soldiers at a rape camp in Pale, the Serb stronghold outside of Sarajevo.… continue reading »

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