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22-Mar-2015 04:07

The feminine voice is the ghost in the machine, present but unapproachable.She takes the form of PA announcements, pre-recorded messages, answering machine messages, interactive voice response agents, and automated telephone Michael Rock 2009 We create in the friction of competing desires.It is impossible to erase the presence of the designer in the objects we bring forth.

The so-called Artificial Conversational Entity pops up in a variety of places offering a helping hand mostly in on-line transactions by way of text dialogue.The voice gives him gentle reminders – “Time to get up, sir” – and helpful, if dispassionate, information – “Self-destruct has been cancelled.” Hall enters into a flirtatious repartee with the fem-phantom until interrupted by the system supervisor. As it’s the result of a program, the algorithmic voice is purely a reflection of longing of the listener as imagined by the programmer.

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