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You can also see the server's daily heart beat or ebb and flow of player demands (this is over a week).The later half of the graph increases in requests per second as you (the players) activate the Heart of Corruption and then in response start sending thousands upon thousands of missions to it and the corrupted temples.They can be placed in hub buy and sell orders as regular craftable items, and appear in the "Exotic" category.Prestige scrolls can only be created from personal prestige, not from alliance prestige.

You've always been able to do this on an individual report basis, by using the "XML" button at the bottom of each combat report in-game mail.

Be aware that items in transit, including prestige scrolls, are vulnerable to blockade, so be careful when shipping these valuable new items.

Prestige scrolls are regular items and will show in your towns' and hub inventories.

All player A needs to do is go into their Library's new Resource Production area, make sure to have the correct amount of Prestige, books, mana, research and reagents and click Make - player A now instantly has a Prestige scroll that can be given or sold to player B.

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Player B then redeems the scroll in their Reading Room.However, players occasional requests as a group and new players' requests do add up as can be seen on the graphs below: The graph on the left shows when we swapped over the DNS to point at the new resource, and you can actually see the dns update propagating over the internet as the new resource slowly ramped up in requests thoughout the day.