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At Happy Doug's bar, Tommy fixes up an old 'love tester' machine but is disappointed when it classifies him as 'cold fish' and Harry 'hot stuff'.In order to be with Jennifer, Dick breaks up with Mary, who agrees, doubting that he'll find another woman and not knowing that he already has.Meanwhile, the loss of Harry means that the aliens' annual status report cannot be sent, so the Big Giant Head punishes Dick for not submitting it by slowly shutting down his brain.Phil Hartman who played Randy in the 3rd season finale was murdered 8 days after the episode aired, and is the reason why he is not seen in this episode.By Jone Johnson Lewis Barbara Jordan Facts: Known for: role in Watergate hearings; keynotes at 19 Democratic National Conventions; first Southern African American woman elected to Congress; second Southern African American elected to Congress after the end of Reconstruction; first African American woman in the Texas legislature Occupation: lawyer, politician, teacher: Texas Senate 1967-1973, U. House of Representatives 1973-1979; professor of political ethics at University of Texas, Lyndon B. She was involved in debate and oratory, winning a number of awards. Commission on Immigration Reform Dates: February 21, 1936 - January 17, 1996Also known as: Barbara Charline Jordan Barbara Jordan Biography: Barbara Jordan grew up in Houston's black ghetto, attended segregated public schools, and an all-black college, where she graduated magna cum laude.

Sally prepares to lose her virginity to Don, but afterwards finds that she cannot talk to anyone about it, much to the other Solomons' annoyance.

The Solomons discover a brand of new collectibles called Fuzzy Buddies (a parody of Beanie Babies) when eating at a fast food diner, and Dick soon becomes so obsessed with collecting them that he begins to lose control of his family's finances.

Tommy's coach is annoyed at his lack of team 'pep' and so makes him the school mascot - a giant owl called Hootie.

Many thought she would be named a vice presidential nominee, and later a Supreme Court justice. Barbara Jordan struggled for many years with leukemia and multiple sclerosis.

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After Congress: In 1977 Barbara Jordan announced she would not run for another term in Congress, and became a professor, teaching government at the University of Texas. She died in 1996, survived by her long-time companion, Nancy Earl.

Meanwhile, Sally is horrified when she learns that Don had dated other women before her, and strives to track them all down.