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There are many fish in the sea, and the one you catch that may be the best for you may not necessarily be Armenian.Think of it long-term, what kind of wife are you looking for?

Excerpts from Moutk- a UCLA Armenian Publication The Buzz on Interracial Relationships By Michelle Papazyan A survey of Armenian UCLA students was taken to see what young Armenians today think about interracial relationships.INTERVIEW WITH MARIAM, Age 18, born in Armenia Q: What type of races have you dated? I am not against dating Armenia guys but it's just that I am not physically attracted to them. Q: Do you think you will lose any of your "Armenian-ness [if you marry outside of your nationality]? I will always keep a strong and tightly knit family, just as I was brought up to have. I hope my kids will also have these same "Armenian" characteristics. A: Because I do not like to try shoes on, as the Armenian saying goes. When you get married that should be the first person you dated.A: I have dated Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, and Asians...never [an Armenian guy]. INTERVIEW WITH LIANA, Age 23, born in Armenia Q: Do you date a lot? People date each other and then throw each other away like a pair of shoes. How could you kiss your husband or wife knowing that there were others? For the type of life that I may lead, perhaps marrying an Armenian may be the best option.

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However, dating a non-Armenian is not out of the question.My aunt who is Armenian ended up marrying an Arab Catholic, and their marriage is a success.