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ryal the friggen "geek 2 geek" ads with the fugly brunette The Advertisement Server: OH, DID VIEWING THAT AD MAKE YOU LATE FOR YOUR TIGER BEAT COVER SHOOT, CHAMP? Ever since I got adblock, it seems the two of us just drifted apart. you think this is any way to treat your oldest friends? It is the most popular and important way for people to communicate with each other.Roxor: You can fix that problem by going to Tools\Add-ons\Plugins in Firefox and disabling the Shockwave Flash plugin until you actually need it. WHICH I CAN BELIEVE AS THEIR PARADE TECHNOLOGY IS YEARS AHEAD OF OUR OWN. Every single time one of them appears it crashes my IE window, and that makes me even less inclined to consider switching from Vodafone. Most simply can't be launched from a different browser. I was just at the I Want My Beloved to Be Happy Troper Tales page, and all three of the ads were for gay men dating sites. Clich: Apparently you didn't catch the memo last time about how we all hated the Evony ads.C.: I didn't know why I was expecting anything else from you. Adbot is [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF THE HO YAY COMMUNITY]... A few won't even load the website for the game unless you're in Explorer. Clich: Bringing browser wars into this is a Made of Lose in itself. Great place to put the ad, however your timing kind of sucks the film was released last year. C.: There's a good chance the ads were referring to the New Moon movie. The Advertisement Server: AHH, BUT DISCUSSIONS WITH CORTANA AND DURANDAL HAVE MADE ME WONDER. No offense, but that's a bit of a generalization, isn't it? ON OBSERVATION OF THE ONE YOU CALL "GLa DOS", MY PROCESSING BANK PUKED UP AN ERROR. What makes you think that replacing the girl with some geisha and calling it Kingory will make us all like the ads? ] Oh, and you're also getting Canon of Causalty'd for putting a... I was hoping to find that ad.) Your Comrade, El Camarado: While reading the Karl Marx Hates Your Guts page, an ad appeared for a book by Ludwig Von Mises that claimed to completely demolish the idea behind Marxism. In any case, I like to remind you that an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.You search resources for work, watch sports, have a video chat with your family, discuss with your friends and even find yourself a Chinese wife through the Internet. Today I want to share a real Cinderella story which comes to reality with the help of Internet.

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article updating the arguments against same sex marriage


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