Assumptions behind radiometric dating

06-Oct-2016 13:23

” Thirdly, to obtain the age of formation of a rock or mineral, the material must have remained a closed chemical system since its formation…unfortunately, geological environments and materials do not often meet this requirement.” Durrance, 1986, Radio Activity in Geology, p.287 “…the assumption that during the whole life of the rock volume being analyzed, neither the radio-active element nor its decay products have moved into or out of this volume is practically unlikely to be realized in nature at all or, if it is, it occurs only in exceptional cases.” Skobelin 1990 p.25, Sharapov, Bugayov, in Bartokyriakidis p.

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The second assumption is that the entire daughter element (in this case lead) is in fact a product of decay from uranium.Age estimates on a given geological stratum by different radiometric methods are often quite different (sometimes by hundreds of millions of years). Agreement among three independent lines of data does not add reliability to the conclusion.” Olsen, et al, American Journal of Science, 282: 1-44 1982 Has over emphasis of radiometric dating become common in school ?

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