Back dating hairy man

22-Jan-2015 06:09

Personally, I—and many other women out there—love a man with a clean-shaven front. Whether you remove all of the hair, or trim it back enough to be comfortable, manscaping will improve your chances of getting some action from a lady’s mouth.If you’re feeling like you may not feel as manly manscaping this area, just know that women feel like you should at least be paying it some attention. No woman is going to be excited to cuddle up to a giant, fuzzy human back. An added bonus to this is that you’ll even look bigger after trimming the hair that’s hiding you!

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Until you find a woman like that, however, your best bet will be to manscape it! When it comes to manscaping this region, you definitely need to at least keep it in shape. I think about 99% of all women would agree that there needs to be some form of control down there.And by that, I mean keep it trimmed up and not looking like an overgrown mess. First of all, who wants to look at a naked person with a huge, fuzzy mess down under? Women really feel that it’s much more attractive when it’s taken-care-of and looking fresh.

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