Banned dating site super bowl ads

14-Dec-2016 14:39

"I remember one year when the networks wouldn't allow one of the Bud Light spots in the game, so Bud actually released it online as, 'the Super Bowl ad the networks wouldn't let you see,'" So, given that networks often won't publicly comment on whether an ad is rejected and why, advertisers with no intention of actually releasing a Super Bowl ad just send out press releases saying that their ads were rejected, for publicity.

For example, gay dating site Man Crunch said its ad was rejected in 2010 because it dealt with homo and not heterosexual dating, when it really didn't even make it past CBS' credit check.

Just because an advertiser wants to shell out million for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial doesn't mean they'll get to play in the big game.

From sexy Go Daddy ads and video game spots that tell people to "Go to Hell," to Bud Light spots that make a lot of fart jokes, networks have turned down a lot of major advertisers' content.

But a "banned ad" that doesn't get past a network's Standards & Practices Department sometimes does wonders for a company's buzz.

consideration even though it’s way too racy to be shown on television.

The organization reportedly creates a commercial every year for the big game knowing that it will not be played on TV and instead releases it online.

You can watch the original, uncensored spot on You Tube:2.

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Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels will probably NOT be naked for Go It's one of the more tiresome rituals of the Big Game: Go Daddy buys a spot, sends an ad featuring Patrick in various states of undress to the broadcaster, which then rejects the ad.Go Daddy then claims it has been "banned" from the Super Bowl before it then hands over an acceptable spot urging viewers to go to its web site to see the "uncut" version.

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