Beer steins from germany dating 1909

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It has a picture of a safe with wheels on the front. On the bottom of the decanter it has the following: Creation of James B Beam Distilling Company, Ky-DRB, 220 C. I have looked all over for some type of price for this bottle but have found none. Day Your bottle which appears to date sometime between 1910-1920 was a product of the Meyer Bros. they were wholesalers who sold to drugstores and others shops throughout the country.

We were wondering if you could give us an idea of its approximate date and maybe value. I have showed the bottle to many people but no one has ever seen this bottle before. the Red Diamond brand was their generic brand if you will.

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The best place to find one yourself is in the town of Three Springs. I'm sure you'll be able to recognize my items: Two glass milk bottle covers 1. I am not an expert on the milk category and I know there are thousands of covers around. the United Dairy of Barnesville, Ohio trademarked and used the word "Handy" for their products. On the front, it has Sweitzer's Compound 15% Alcohol, ESS. When I get the pictures, may I scan & e-mail them to you? I know that these aren't from 1850 so I assume that these are some kind of whiskey or something. these bottles were made to look like a sealed whiskey although no such bottle actually exists so they are a fantasy bottle. Dear Digger, I've had in my possession for many years, an old antique bottle.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. On bottom it says made in usa with 2 numbers on each bottle one number beneath the other. He began manufacturing about 1842 but he was not at the 252 address until about 1851The oldest bottles of course are pontiled and common in several colors. Condition is very important especially since there are a number of these around. I'd say your have a soda and I am not going to be able to help much. My name is Janice and I got your email address from a web site about bottle collecting. If you can tell me anything about this bottle I would greatly appreciate it. It has the complete listing of all his fights with the rounds and type of win each fight and fighters' name that he fought on its back.

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