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There are some times in which these johns don’t agree upon the price and decide to abandon the transaction altogether.“The women get extremely upset and slam the door and put on a sad face as they mutter away to themselves.” Mr Li said that the numbers of these “streetwalkers” isn’t fixed, but said there is usually around 20 during the summertime.During the winter there is consistently only two or three.The age of these streetwalkers is also not fixed; ranging from their twenties to their fifties.However, there is another side to these women, who have impacted the appearance of the city.In this translated article, the reporter attempts to discover who these women are; they are mothers and sisters and, like the often heard slogan heard these days, have dreams of their own they want to fulfill.“Each one of them is wearing heavy make-up and colorful stockings; many of them still wear silk stockings even during the winter months; many of them still wear high heels even when it snows.” “Many of the johns that frequent these prostitutes will drive over and roll down their window.After exchanging a few words, the woman enters the car and they drive away,” said Mr Li.

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This vile villainy can be seen in the prostitutes that dare to offer their wares on the streets of the capital.These “demon-people” take on numerous clients under the trees, and so they tend to make a lot of money. Under her direction, we take a taxi to Zaoying Nanli neighborhood located not too far away. The room is crude and bare; there is only a double bed, a table, a dresser and a television.