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23-Feb-2015 09:22

The next resurgence of the word bitch as an insult to women occurred during the 1920s.

The term bitch became more popular in common language during this era.

The range of meanings has expanded in modern usage.

In a feminist context, it can indicate a strong or assertive woman.

The early applications were to a promiscuous or sensual woman, a metaphorical extension of the behavior of a bitch in heat." ("Who are you calling a whore, you miserable bitch? A she dog, or doggess; the most offensive appellation that can be given to an English woman, even more provoking than that of whore, as may be gathered from the regular Billinsgate or St Giles answer--"I may be a whore, but can't be a bitch." Throughout the word’s evolution into the nineteenth century, it lessened from Grose’s claim.The Oxford English Dictionary within the nineteenth century described the insult as “strictly a lewd or sensual woman”.The original music video was filmed at the Key Club in Los Angeles, which was made to look like a strip club.

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An open casting call (documented in a video on the band's site called "Behind the Bitch") was held, recruiting dancers and strippers for the low-budget video, which was directed by Ulf Buddensieck.

Skip Miller of law firm Miller Barondess said, "We had a guy at the door checking IDs, and to get in, this girl had to show a fake identification showing she was over 18. This woman filled out a release form with false information.

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