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Therefore, they must constantly be consuming food to keep up with their calorie burning lifestyle. · Bella Hummingbird Little Bella the hummingbird has been nesting in the branches of a ficus tree in La Verne, California since at least 2005.

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Finally, FITT360 rounds out this camp of Samsung startups, with a Geordi La Forge-like headset that can capture 360 degree video, all in a hands-free package.

Hummingbirds have a narrow long beak that allows for them to gain access to the centers of flowers for pollen.

Hummingbirds have very long tongues and can even lick their food at a speed of 13 licks per second.

Found only in the Western Hemisphere, hummingbirds range from 1.75 to 8 inches and have a life span of up to four years.

Watch the live hummingbird camera carefully and you may notice that a hummingbird can fly in every single direction, including upside down, and can hover over a plant to gather food by beating its wings in a figure eight motion.The app detects your humming, and converts it into actual musical notation, which can then be used to write music for basically any real instrument out there.

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