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Ulceration can cause bleeding that, if it occurs in the lung, will lead to coughing up blood, in the bowels to anemia or rectal bleeding, in the bladder to blood in the urine and in the uterus to vaginal bleeding.

In females, the most common types are breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer and cervical cancer. Signs and symptoms appear as the mass grows or ulcerates.For example, mass effects from lung cancer can block the bronchus resulting in cough or pneumonia; esophageal cancer can cause narrowing of the esophagus, making it difficult or painful to swallow; and colorectal cancer may lead to narrowing or blockages in the bowel, affecting bowel habits.Masses in breasts or testicles may produce observable lumps.“Cell Phones Better Than Sex” read a headline in February. That’s great, because one of the amazing things about living in this great nation of ours is that these two things are not mutually exclusive.

Before that, there was “Some Women Prefer Cell Phone Over Sex,” “Half of Women Would Rather Go Without Sex Than Give Up a Smart Phone,” “57 Percent of American Woman Chose Cell Phone Over Sex,” and “70 Percent of Women Would Give Up Sex Rather Than Their Cell Phone.” I get it. I can, if I want to, both have sex and use my phone. (It was not a good movie.) One question I do not have, though, is whether ladies like sex more or less than they like telephones.

Women don’t like sex enough, or women like phones too much, or modernity in general is a sad business — I’m not totally sure what the takeaway is here, except very good news for cell phone companies. For example, I can check my email, look at pictures of rabbits on the internet, and checking my email and looking at pictures of rabbits on the internet — that is the magic of mobile technology! Giving up my phone would make me sad, and probably lost, because I am very dependent on that thing for directions and subway maps. Why are cat videos better than dog videos, even though dogs are better in real life?

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