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While in a well responding date field the code in the query is: Meaning: the field is not handled by the right handler.This is not only a UI problem, because even if I'll create my own form and send the parameters - it's still not being handled well in the code.Besides, I don't know if it's normal or not, but when checking the table schema through the "edit schema" tab the field appears int and there is no date option, although the schema module did recoginze the field as datetime (and apparently the data module too, because the date hanlders where chosen). I'm willing to work on the code if needed - just tell me where do I need to make changes.I applied the code that appears here My SQL data type 'datetime' not supported when importing, editing or creating a table so now the field appears as "datetime" in "edit schema" tab, means that part is handled well. By default, the Data module chooses views_handler_filter_date as a filter, and so both the UI and the query are not well handled.Android provides the following methods of threading: When you create an object from the Handler class, it processes Messages and Runnable objects associated with the current thread Message Queue.

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Once I choose it with the UI in the "cofigure views" tab, it's finally will need only ine Handler per activity where the background thread will communicate with to update the UI.The Handler is associated with the thread from which it’s been created We can communicate with the Handler by two methods: After running the following code the Text View will display the following, Each second a new line is written: This example is pretty basic, it just sends the same message for a number of times. In "configure views" all the handlers are automaticaly set to date handlers, but when I'm trying to add a filter on that field, it's not being handled as a date field, i.e.: I'm not getting the options of "extra settings" for a date field as I'm getting when filtering a date field in a node, for example.

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Please see attached file "filter options for date in node.png" After messing around with it for a whole 3 days and checking every solution that could be, I finally checked the sql query that the view creates, and finally realized that the field is not handled as a date field at all!instead of (line 286) Just in case anyone needs wants to use this I rolled tzippy's fix into a patch against the 7.x-1.x version on this version it is line 305.

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