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11-Nov-2015 23:47

And his plots, which tend to unfold almost entirely outdoors because of his own aesthetic priorities and the restrictions on what Iranian films can show, seem to spring from the air and the ground, like those of folk tales or Chekhov stories.

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Check them out below, and if you’re in New York City, head over to our Persian food guide for the best Iranian restaurants in the city. Kiarostami’s new movie, which opens today at the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, ends on a similar note.

A grizzled old doctor lectures the protagonist, a saturnine engineer a long way from home, about the glory of creation and the human obligation to notice it.

Twenty months in the making, the nuclear deal will significantly limit Iran’s nuclear program and hopefully help reestablish our relationship with the nation.

and six other nations reached a historic agreement with Iran.

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So what better time than now to get to know Persian culture and all it has to offer, like Tehran’s film scene and Iran’s longstanding reputation for incredible cinema.

From Abbas Kiarostami and the directors of the Iranian New Wave to modern masterpieces like Asghar Farhadi’s, there are so many wonderful Persian films to discover and stream right now.

By this definition, there is perhaps no living filmmaker as fully alive as Mr. His eyes — and therefore ours — are perpetually open.

His absorption in the wide emptiness of the rural Iranian landscape, in a remote corner of which ”The Wind Will Carry Us” takes place, yields views — hillsides, valleys and gnarled, solitary trees — that seem almost otherworldly in their clarity and depth.

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