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30-Aug-2015 16:48

There’s some edible cuisine, like the all you can eat Mongolian buffet, and some tasty late night drunk food.

There’s also lots of buffets on the beach that all the hotels set up that look amazing.

It’s ok, I say be whatever you want to be, it’s not my style but it’s cool. You could get a week on the beach for four plus drinks and food for under a thousand dollars no problem. Just get a little bungalow on a quiet stretch of beach, and just alternate between buffets on the beach, buffets in the bedroom, and great party at night every night.

OK, no problem, this is Asia, we’re used to the ladyboys. That’s the potential for Boracay, as a place to have a great beach vacation with girls that you bring with you.

We tried one and it was just horrible tasting though.

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Boracay is a really nice beach called “White Beach”.

There’s lots of fun bars with live music, and as everyone from that part of the world will tell you, the Philippines has the best bands in the region and perhaps is the most talented country of musicians on the planet per capita. The new lead singer of Journey, Arnel Pineda is a Filipino who they found on Youtube who sounds just as good if not better than Steve Perry.

The locals are friendly and helpful, especially if you want to spend money.

Boris and I thought when we were there that this place would absolutely blow the mind of a nice Bulgarian girlfriend if taken there on vacation.

Up north near the tip of the island, by the “Batcave” which is pretty cool there is an isolated beach that is super nice.

And they love their karaoke so much that there’s actually been half a dozen murders in the last ten years or so as a result of someone singing “My Way” by Frank Sinatra at karaoke.