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And, first of all, it still is powerful, with huge sillage, and I can smell it on myself for hours on end.It is also a big pro for me, because I like to be able to smell my own perfume, it makes me feel comfortable.JPG classique edp was my signature for a while so I bought le male for my hubby without trying it,just to have couple husband loved it at first sniff and me both have similar tastes in perfumes,le male is still my most favorite male has everything I love in a fragrance for men.vanilla,lavender,mint,cinnamon and tonka are my most favorite notes for men and they're all detectable here.I like male fragrances to have a sweet,spicy undertone and hate very bitterish rough ones I've never tried vintage le male and however I'd really loved to, I find it,as it is,pure's warm,inviting,cuddly and sexy.subtle and's not sexy in a wild,pheromone type,it's charming,reminding a handsome man who is also very nice,friendly and's for a man who can support you,make you calm,not just a sexy jerk I agree it can be wearable by women but I can't imagine it on a kind of scents are tightly bonded in my mind manly things Longevity is great,at least on hubby and also me.sillage is moderate but after couple of hours turns to an intimate and charming soft skinscent If you like spicy vanilla/tonka blended with lavender and a hint of subtle woods freshened by mint it's for you I love,love and looovvvee it ❤❤❤❤❤ This is a very strong scent, at least in the beginning.

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As for the notes, not all of the mentioned in descritptions are distinct to me.

Fast forward to about 2009, and I find this unique-looking bottle for a good price at a Burlington Coat Factory; no testing this out to get reacquainted. It can definitely be used in the fall as well as limited spring and daytime usage (only when it's cold).