Cmos checksum bad when updating asus a8v deluxe dating after divorce in your 4039s

14-Jan-2015 17:38

: Biostar P4TSE ver.7, Pentium 4 2.4MHz Northwood , FSB 533, DDR PC2700 2x256Mb Samsung original CL 2.5, Video card Sapphire 9600 Pro Atlantic, COMBO Drive Toshiba, HDD 60Gb, Codegen 300W.

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More likely that you are using a USB keyboard or the CD you are trying to boot to is not made correctly.

You have not stated what your issues are that made you resort to flashing the BIOS but if you haven't installed the available drivers from Micro Star I suggest you do so.

Incidently the computer still has the high CPU spikes so the flash hasn't really done the job I wanted it to do so I'm pretty stuck now.

My board details pre the update we're as follows: MS-7350 1.0, Bus Clock: 267 megahertz, BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. My new update is V2.6 07/29/2008 with all else being the same.

falc1145485055 Ariny :hi: :) falc1145485729 ASUS ( 865 ) P4P800...

I recently formatted my computer running windows xp and bought windows 7 to upgrade it.

Or it may be that you need to clear the CMOS (your motherboard manual should tell you how to do this - normally there is a jumper that you short for a few seconds) and then reapply the CPU spikes without me running hardly anything at all and so I decided to update my BIOSOne thing you should never do with a computer is update the BIOS just on the off chance it might fix whatever the problem is - it is a recipe for disaster.

BIOS updates are something that should only be done when necessary to fix a particular problem that is known about.

If the manufactures information does not say it will fix your particular problem. The basic principle is that when you have problem the BIOS is the very last thing you look at, it is a last resort when all else has failed, only just behind the CPU in the order of things that might be broke. The BIOS does not stop working for no apparent reason and that reason is usually an hardware upgrade Thanks for your replies.

EXE is not compatible with the version of windows I am running. If it is, it seems like you're using the wrong BIOS.

It says 'check your computers system information to see whether you need a x86(32 bit) or x64 (64 bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.'I have contacted my motherboard company to see if there is a BIOS update compatible with Windows 7 so fingers crossed i get something back that will solve the problem. BIOS updates should NOT be performed from within the Windows environment unless absolutely necessary. If you can boot into Windows and it runs OK I doubt that you have the wrong BIOS file installed.

Unfortunately it hasn't worked and now if I want to put my old bios back I can't because I can't boot from the CD.