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As an intermediate French speaker, there is still plenty of time to fix these mistakes before they fossilize in your mind.

Here are ten of the most common intermediate-level French mistakes with links to lessons.

If you speak French at an advanced level, congratulations!

You may not be fluent yet, but you're definitely on your way.

Here are the ten most common French mistakes made by advanced speakers, with links to lessons.

You probably learned the verbs conduire, écrire, and nager in French class, and have used them ever since to talk about driving, writing, and swimming.

Before you turn anything in, check these areas of your work.

It might be trite, but it's definitely true: we all make mistakes.

Oftentimes these are small details that don't affect your listener's comprehension, but mistakes are mistakes and if you want to be fluent you need to avoid them.Beyond lessons and learning, however, there are other ways to increase your confidence and feel more comfortable speaking French.Since French adjectives usually have to agree with the nouns they modify in gender and number, most of them have up to four forms.After learning French for a while, you've probably found that there are some things you just can't figure out how to say, or that people are always correcting you on.

These may be issues that you haven't been taught yet, or concepts that you've studied but just don't get.However, these are not necessarily the verbs that native French speakers use.