Consolidating to one invoice

15-Jul-2016 00:33

As an agile certified developer Tymek recently left a safe corporate environment to do things faster, and see the results earlier. With over 10 years at the coal face with Share Point, web development, and web technologies – Dan has the depth of knowledge, and breadth of experience to ensure an optimal solution design is selected. Whether you have a massive Intranet or system integration project, or a small set of bug fixes to an existing application – first we undertake a small, fixed price engagement to understand your needs.Dan’s current passions are client side development, software patterns and practices, and cloud architectures. We depending on what we are actually able to get done within the time period. Basically this process reduces risk for both parties.With Bulls Eye acting as a force field over your accounts, you can be certain that no changes will be made without your knowledge and authorization.Evolve Whether your company relies on traditional POTS lines, Vo IP capabilities, or both to power your telecom system, Bulls Eye will meet you wherever you fall on the technology spectrum—and once we get to know you and your telecom needs, we’ll provide a road map for evolving and updating your telecom system in a way that integrates seamlessly with your environment and long-term business goals.Optimize Bulls Eye takes an in-depth look at the services and features you’re currently paying for and makes strategic recommendations for eliminating those that go unused.We’ll even customize a set of services for each of your individual business locations, always striving to deliver the best possible performance and cost savings.Contain If you’re not closely monitoring each of your telecom accounts, it’s easy to miss unforeseen shifts in services and pricing, which can lead to out-of-control costs.Bulls Eye protects against the unexpected by giving you complete visibility over your accounts.

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This is done by consolidating, transforming and exposing data both on-premises, and in the Microsoft cloud with Power BI. In other words – we all spend a lot of time talking about what we are going to build, and who is to blame if it goes wrong, but not actually building anything. We find that building trust and being flexible is the much better methodology… An expert in Microsoft Share Point, Nintex, K2, Microsoft CRM, workflow solutions and enterprise application integration – Arnie left his position leading an in-house Share Point development effort for a global Share Point implementation in 2012, in order to share his skills and insights with a wider audience.Tom is passionate about really understanding what makes an organisation tick, coming up with ideas that will make a genuine difference, and pushing those ideas through to delivery – so that the value is realised.As a technical lead Tim has delivered some great public projects, such as Te Ara (The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand), and the ‘Websites for Schools’ platform for Queensland Department of Education.

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Tymek started coding professionally in 2000, and since that time his versatile nature has enabled him to work on projects spanning 4 continents, in multiple spoken languages, and on several different platforms.NET, Office 365, Share Point, Business Intelligence, and everything Microsoft.

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