Dating a woman with children

21-Sep-2015 11:29

There are probably things you'll like and things you won't like.Try it out and see if the benefits outweigh the cons?Do whatever works for you, and the repercussions - good or bad - are yours to deal with.To ask for anyone's advice makes me wonder how "into' her you really are....if you have hesitations cause of what some of your punk friends have said to you, dont.

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Just take it slow before you play any type of father figure role in the childs life though. You will get less attention from her than you would from a woman with no kids.

but ya if your willing to chance it go for it because you never know unless you try. Why not be open minded and try things out, see how you feel about it.

There are people I know who dated and got married with children from a previous relationship, and they have been madly in love for over 20 years.

Talk about the visitaiton schedule, make sure no real drama..aren't crazy.don't get her pregnant :)You're young and have plenty of time to recover from this ..... I will say that young kids in the picture will make dating with her very different. [IANAL; the following should not be taken as legal advice] Depending on the legal jurisdiction, cohabitating for a prolonged period of time with the mother and child(ren) may cause him to become responsible to pay child support. There are plenty of women with amazing credentials that don't have kids.

I'm not talking long term future stuff - I'm talking about next week when you have Christmas dinner with her and the kids .... You can not date just her, if things work between you two the kids will be around and often. That's just my mentality though (and probably the same with the people who say that you are crazy).It seems his father is involved and that's a good thing.

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