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After building up an online relationship with their victim, the fraudsters make a request for money.They often say that they have found themselves in a difficult or emergency situation, putting them in a serious financial position.Many of these requests do not match up to how the US Army operates. This applies not just to the US military, though most of my examples are taken from the USA.

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There have also been reports of fraudsters asking for money to purchase ‘leave papers’ from the Army, or for financial help for flights home so they can leave a war zone.Women often write me protesting that they love their soldier husbands. Hollywood usually portrays soldiers as adult boy scouts.So powerful is that Hollywood image that Americans conveniently forget that their soldiers have killed well over a million Iraqi children.The ones who marry soldiers are even sicker that the ones who marry the incarcerated because their partners are free to keep on murdering and thus provide endless titillation. Serial killers on death row may often attract a dozen or so female groupies. I think some women are acting on this primitive drive. Then there are the large numbers of women pathologically attracted to men in the military who kill for a living.

Oddly because of indoctrination with military propaganda, most Americas will buy the BS these women sling to defend themselves and their husbands. The idea of killing excites them, but they don’t want the direct involvement that they would get if they enlisted themselves. Perhaps Americans are offended that Iraqis attacked them when the US military illegally invaded their country and started plundering it. What American freedom did Iraqis interfere with — the American divine right to steal?

Once the victim has paid some money once, more requests for money come in.