Dating and courtship in the bible

08-Jun-2015 14:54

dating and courtship in the bible-40

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• If marriage is not a pressing necessity, • If marriage is not a driving “need”• If you do not burn with that physical desire You have the “gift” and should consider remaining single because of the pressures of the world, the problems of the flesh, the passing of the world, the preoccupation of the married and the permanence of the union.

If you feel being single is • Unfulfilling• Uncomfortable• Very tempting Consider the great benefits of your current singleness and be the man or woman that God wants you to be and wait on Him to provide the answer to your prayers.

But some Christians had come to believe that marriage was a sinful state which ought to be avoided.

Because of the lack of moral restraint so prevalent everywhere, in their zeal they wanted to abstain from everything. For any of you who are wondering why God has not "blessed" you with a compatible partner, feeling that somehow God does not deem you "worthy" or "ready" yet to bestow such a privilege, think again.

And, since he is speaking to the "unmarried" and "widows" and not "virgins" in these verses, he is identifying with them and saying that he wishes they could go on remaining single like him.

All 40 verses talk exclusively about relationships but a whole third is addressed to singles.In fact, this is the first time in Scripture where extensive counsel is given to singles so it was like "new light" to the people in Corinth.

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