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In his brilliant world of ideas Aquarius feels lonely and misunderstood because he knows few people who understand his inventive spirit and can share it.

Aquarius seldom lets anyone get closer to him, he usually prefers open friendly relationships from overly intimate connections.

Strong desire for freedom and independence is the source of their rebellious attitudes.

Their temperament is usually unconventional, friendly, inventive and tolerant, focused on the progress and everything unusual.

They may have a slight sense for reality but they often build castles in the air.

Their Ego may sometimes be weak and their uncontrolled inferiority complex may lead to dangerous self-underestimating and depressions.

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See also: » Personal horoscope » List of all signs » Aquarius Compatibility Let's share your opinions, ideas and feelings in our original chat or our discussion forums!In the negative sense, Aquarius people may be unpractical, irresponsible, eccentric, cold and dogmatic.