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16-Nov-2015 14:30

One of the support crew, Annika, goes missing and Wollie gets more and more embroiled trying to find her, especially since the police aren't too motivated.

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Alas, Wollie isn’t having much luck finding a man she’d like to date “off the air,” much less father her child.

I did not like the plot - and the only interesting portion of the book - which actually held my attention, occurred in the last 30 or so pages.

I won't go into a long discussion about what the book is about - but I just felt like the plot was disjointed - as if the author was driving around in circles, getting nowhere in particular.

As her own biological clock ticks away, Wollie gets caught up in a much more pressing demand on her time.

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Her friend Annika has vanished into thin air, and Wollie is convinced that she’s in grave danger.Wollie dates and detects and deals with her quirky family and friends, runs from stalkers and hitmen, and delights me with her goodness and resourcefulness.

I am not sure where the negative hype comes from, but I find when a good film gets bad reviews, that means most people just didn't get it.… continue reading »

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