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By making a profile, they are putting energy toward the same goal that you are. It doesn’t mean that they are the rejected pile at the bottom of the stack, it means that they are creating an intention for a relationship.

There are so many variables about how we meet people.

Stegodons (Stegodontidae: Proboscidea) were a widespread and diverse family of proboscideans dating from the late Miocene to the Late Pleistocene of Africa and Asia.

Pleistocene species of stegodon were widely dispersed throughout continental and island Southeast Asia (Louys, Curnoe & Tong, 2007), but became globally extinct by the terminal Pleistocene on both the mainland (Turvey et al., 2013) and on islands (Van den Bergh et al., 2008).

Thus, we do not consider either of these factors to have contributed significantly to their extinction.

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The fact that the date of 73.6 Ma that we obtained for control bone 22799-D is virtually the same as a single-crystal Ar age of 73.04 Ma obtained for sanidine crystals from a proximal, altered volcanic ash bed (Fassett and Steiner, 1997; Fassett, 2000) at the same stratigraphic level as bone 22799-D further validates our laser-ablation U-Pb dating procedures, and the dates we reported. B: 34 skeletal elements from a single hadrosaur (note hammer for scale); photograph from S. These results also confirmed that the sampled areas of the bones we analyzed represented closed geochemical systems from the time of their original mineralization to the present. Please check our Speed dating Tab for further details. The Ludwig (2012) Comment on our paper (Fassett et al., 2011) primarily focuses on the U-Pb data treatment used to arrive at the original fossilization dates for our two dinosaur bone samples—specifically, the method we used to correct for the presence of common lead in dinosaur bone.As noted in our Reply (Fassett et al., 2012) to Koenig et al.

(2012), the Pb-method is the well-established and preferred method for making such corrections in sample materials that contain abundant common lead using in-situ ion beam and laser ablation techniques (e.g., Williams, 1998; Storey et al., 2006).

The mood we are in at the time, our busy schedules, our relationship status.