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Major General Winfield Scott Hancock, Over the next two years, Burch and Gibbs completely refurnished all the rooms (adding new furniture and Belgian carpets), re-papered or added painted frescoes to the ceilings, and installed new furniture in the hallways.On the east side was the now-famous Red Parlor, a gentleman's lounge fitted with rich red and gold draperies, fabric wall coverings, and upholstered furniture.The restaurant, called "cheerful and sunny" by the Washington Post, fronted onto 14th Street NW, was lit with crystal chandeliers, and could seat up to 225 people.It was completely remodeled by Burch and Gibbs: guests dined at tables set with tablecloths imported from Scotland, using Haviland & Co.It retained that name after its ownership changes in 19.Since 1970, because of its popularity Old Ebbitt Grill has been frequented by numerous politicians, some known for scandals and maneuvering.It has also been the site of parties hosted by famous actors and singers.

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The 1427 F Street NW location was demolished in 1983 during redevelopment, and Old Ebbitt Grill moved into its current quarters at 675 15th Street NW.

Ebbitt House Hotel was razed in 1925 to make way for the National Press Building, built in 1926.

The restaurant was incorporated by Anders Lofstrand, Sr., as a stand-alone business. After Lofstrand's death in 1955, the restaurant was purchased by Peter Bechas in 1961.

Bull's Head housed prostitutes and contained a large, lower-class gambling den.

In the late 1800s, this hotel was considered one of the most fashionable in the city; its lodgings and restaurant were patronized by politicians and high-ranking military officers.Limoges porcelain china, silver-handled knives and forks manufactured by Reed & Barton, and Bohemian glassware.