Dating for terminally ill people

24-Feb-2016 13:09

Tragedy had cast a spotlight on the beauty of life and the power of love.

In Swan’s Way, I learned from Marcel Proust that the past resides in what one has shared in love. Given an opportunity to present at a conference in Jerusalem I explored the Via Dolorosa.

” I would pretend to hear her lilting Canadian voice calling back, “Hi, O! It was awful, except that I found meaning in the practice of medicine.

I had always loved my work but I discovered a new candor and fulfillment.

Disclaimer: Worldly hang-ups don't belong here. If you have a profound sense of irony and humor, we welcome you.

The other day, I had the honor of interviewing Owen Stanley Surman, M.

They are aware that their days are numbered and they know, more or less, how long they have to live.

This service does not require members to answer the frivolous questionnaires other dating sites provide, although they can if they want to.

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We assume our members don't care if someone's eyes are blue or green, whether they wear glasses or not.offers the possibility for individuals to connect with other open, accepting minds who might better understand their unusual circumstances.offers a number of special features: 1) A new, completely free dating service for the terminally ill; 2) We cater to all relationship types; 3) Quicksearch or Advanced search by region or keywords; 4) A blog and forum where members can find advice, debate issues and make new friends; 5) Anonymous mail messaging.According to Marketing Director Joseph Di Angelo, "This site is designed to cut through the superficiality and embrace issues we think are most meaningful -- the desire and need for understanding, compassion, empathy and comfort between human beings facing their greatest challenge." We are all made up of the elements of the cosmos and are all part of its continual evolution.

Any lesser grasp of this reality only serves to define our ignorance.

At the 12th Station of the Cross, I gazed at the extraordinary crucifix and lit a candle.