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Finnish guerrillas, sissis, fought against Russian occupation troops in the Great Northern War, 1710-1721.

The Russians retaliated brutally against the civilian populace; the period is called Isoviha (Grand Hatred) in Finland.

In North America, one of the earliest recorded instances of guerrilla warfare was Apalachee resistance to the Spanish during the Narváez expedition in 1528 in present-day Florida.

In the mid 17th century the Colonists of New France were in conflict with the Iroquois Confederacy.

In the 15th century, Vietnamese leader Lê Lợi launched a guerrilla war against Chinese.

One of the most successful guerrilla wars was led by George Kastrioti Skanderbeg against the invading Ottomans.

Guerrilla warfare was not unique to China, nomadic and migratory tribes such as the Scythians, Goths, and Huns used elements of guerrilla warfare to fight the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire, and Alexander the Great.

Guerrilla warfare was a common strategy of the various Celtic, Iberian and Germanic tribes that the Romans faced.

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Despite ultimately being captured by the Romans, Tacitus writes that many Romans respected him.

He harassed the vast Ottoman army with small "hit and run" units, as well as using feint retreats followed by sudden counterattacks, and other tactics unknown in warfare up to then.