Dating oil riggers

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(x) , and of the men and women whose dedication to duty has saved countless seafarers.

8 1/2x11, over 50 full color photos throughout and on the cover.

This book has 32 pages of full color photographs and includes several photos of every lighthouse in Hawaii, plus a few florals and archival photos from the Coast Guard in Honolulu, as well as from noted lighthouse author, Jim Gibbs.

The Shanklins have trudged down numerous trails, in wind, slogging through sand carrying camera bags in hundred degree temperatures, with bugs biting in their quest to photograph every lighthouse in the united states.

These stories reveal how this comradeship is heightened.

Isolated from land and society, the ship and its crew develop a close relationship.

In June of 1972, the 43-foot schooner Lucette, sailed by a Scottish ex-farmer and his family, was attacked by killer whales in the Pacific and sank in less than a minute.

The story of a five month journey on a small raft of reeds and rope over six thousand kilometers, showing that the ancient people of Mesopotamia might have built mans earliest civilizations.

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Endorsed by the Corporation of Trinity House and with a foreword by the Master, HRH Prince Philip, this is much more than a "coffee table book". The fascinating story of the great American clipper ships during the golden era, and the Seth Low family, who sailed to the fortune and romance of the China Trade. Containing twenty-seven of the best short stories about life and adventure at sea, this book will surely please the reader. Thoroughly illustrated with full page plates of steam and sailing vessels. Eight months later, his boat was found in the mid-Atlantic, intact but with no one on board.

to participate in the first single-handed nonstop around-the-world sailboat race. The vintage photographs and plans of lanterns, lamps and lighting apparatus, fog signal equipment and more are worth the price along. Only an hour from the disaster spot, the Ile de France was in a position to make a great difference. In his inimitable style, Thomas allows his subjects to tell their stories in their own words, rendering an infinitely interesting look at the challenges of life aboard these early submarines.