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10-Mar-2016 16:51

In addition to the standard curbside drop-off, you can pay a bit more to have the movers place your items directly in your home or apartment.

Howell said that most users spend between - per transaction with the app, which he said is quite a bit cheaper than what they would pay to other third-party delivery services.

Crate & Barrel’s partnership with Dolly marks our commitment to adopting innovations that bring our customers a better overall customer experience,” Chris Kaye, vice president of supply chain at Crate & Barrel, said in a statement.

“Deploying Dolly has given our customers another great customer service option to deliver product to their homes safely.” Partnerships like these are key as Dolly looks to expand its services outside of the Chicago market where it was founded.

When it comes to transporting that new couch you bought from the storeroom to your living room, Dolly wants you to stop mooching off your friend with the truck.

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We do not accept waybills marked "bill sender", "bill third-party", "bill credit card" or C.

So the ‘what’s,’ ‘where’s’ and the ‘when’s’ give us some understanding of how difficult the job is.