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07-Oct-2015 17:19

They typically pay subscription fees with stolen or cloned credit card details – and act quickly to inveigle their way into long-distance ‘love affairs’ over the net. Once a relationship is established, they’ll move in for the sting.

This can be an elaborate ruse lasting weeks – perhaps they will concoct a trip abroad and later a sudden crisis that leaves them in urgent need of cash.

‘Some people are so desperate to be loved that they will do almost anything. They are not prepared to admit that they have fallen for a fantasy.

They feel embarrassed and ashamed, they don’t want friends or family to know.

Few love more fervently than the middle-aged and lonely.

Which is why last week’s revelation that divorcee Kate Roberts lavished £80,000 on a handsome American soldier – only to find out he was a fictitious creation of a heartless gang of Nigerian conmen – came as yet another salutary warning that not everything is what it seems on the Worldwide Web.

‘Some people think they’ll win the next race, or pick the winning Lottery ticket.

Others don’t want to believe that someone paying them attention may not be genuine.

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Variations involving obtaining bank account details included the Nigerian letter, also known as the Nigerian bank scam or 419 fraud – named after the clause in Nigerian law dealing with fraud.I know of two suicides which occurred as a direct result of romance scamming. Taking their own lives must have seemed easier than owning up to having got it so wrong’.