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This is not included in the default install, but must exist for successful operation of Word Press.You may need to edit this file to modify certain configuration settings.He runs his own business publishing books, public speaking, and teaching Black people how to organize and fight for empowerment.He is the founder and coordinator of Harlem Liberation School and the You Tube channel Black Liberation University.Those who disagree with their perspectives are soon painted with broad (negative) strokes, ostracized, and met with indifference, distrust or flat out hostility.Whether we acknowledge this or not, such intra-group hostility, insensitivity and inability to work together, constitute MAJOR threats to our collective and unique interests and success.Our superhuman feats and faith informed and inspired other disempowered people who then launched or re-launched their own effective sociopolitical movements (women, LGBT).

Note: The file descriptions on this page are for Word Press Version 2.x Each file appearing in this list has been sorted into its directory of origin.

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The actual configuration file used to connect Word Press to your My SQL database.

The Black Liberation Movement/Struggle throughout history helped our people to wake up, clean up and stand up.” We became aware of our connection with Africa and the Diaspora; We straightened our backs as we demanded and fought for justice; We built organizations and institutions to advocate for and solve our own problems.

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We did all of this despite state-sanctioned deprivation, discrimination, political impotence and murder.

Unless we give this serious energy, our alliances, priorities and hostilities will cause us to rot from within, seek each others’ decimation, and be absorbed and manipulated by outsiders and interlopers who despise and seek to dominate us all.