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13-Apr-2016 22:57

If you really want to be that much of a playa, then you’ll learn all the Korean you can.

But often times you’ll date a co-worker or someone you meet at a bar.

Again, if you know other areas better, then of course you’ll go there.

It all depends on what you can afford and what your interested in doing. If you’re an outgoing person, you can find them on the subway.

You can get a date every night of the week, just don’t abuse it and get into a relationship with more than one girl (or boy for that matter.) What’s cool about being an expat in Korea is your wages are good enough that once you get your regular pay, you have enough ready cash to go on a lot of dates. Koreans of both genders when they’re young are some of the most attractive subjects on earth.

The women are beautiful and I, for one, have been on a subway car full of women who could be models they were so beautiful.

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What are some of the “huge cultural differences” you speak of? I hate to break it to you, but Korean girls are notorious for not telling their mom and dad about dating a foreigner.So, yo, how difficult is it to get a date as an expat in South Korea? You’re not going to the moon, you know, just the other side of the world.