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15-Nov-2016 00:44

Each of our sites is managed by one of 6 Site Licence Companies.

A Site Licence Company holds the nuclear site licence, granted by the Office for Nuclear Regulation, to operate the nuclear site(s).

We do not have a hands-on role in cleaning up our facilities.

Instead, we deliver our mission through others, primarily Site Licence Companies ( The Department for Energy and Climate Change and HM Treasury set our annual operational budget.

The acts as a parent company, providing additional resource and management expertise.

In 2016 NDA took direct ownership of Sellafield Ltd, which now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of NDA, thus replacing the model which had operated at Sellafield for 6 years.

We also aim to maximise the commercial value of our assets.

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The table below shows our 17 sites, their Site Licence Company, the ownership of each Site Licence Company, and the plan for decommissioning where NDA directly funds this work.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is a non-departmental public body created through the Energy Act 2004. We report to the Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS); for some aspects of our work in Scotland, we are responsible to Scottish ministers.