Discoverer of carbon dating

05-May-2015 09:25

They also believed it offered the path by which base metals could become gold and represented the quintessential property of fluidity.

– although in all probability it had the opposite effect.

It is the only common metal that is liquid at room temperature. Others metals that are liquid near room temperature are gallium, francium and cesium.

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He believed all metals were based on mercury mixed in different proportions and different purities with sulfur.

Our modern name for the element was provided by alchemists.

Alchemists observed the element’s rapid, liquid flow, and likened it to the fastest moving planet, Mercury.

Mercury has high surface tension and, when spilled, breaks up into tiny beads.

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Mercury readily forms alloys (called amalgams) with other metals, such as silver, gold and tin.

(The planet had been named after the fast moving Roman messenger of the gods, Mercury.

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