Earn money adult sex chat uk

06-Dec-2015 11:23

It makes money off traffic from other similar websites which it redirects.

That explains why you only have porn ads on porn sites.

Thanks to the taboo and the stigma that comes attached to it, Indians would rather not discuss porn in an open forum and try and tuck it safely into the secret pockets of their lives.

At a time when the country is torn with the porn controversy, Business Insider India digs into the dynamics of this ingeniously sneaky trade to find out how it really works.

Around 10% of that comes from the US alone; however the numbers are shrinking, thanks to free porn.

However, just to give you an idea, there are 25 million porn sites worldwide and they make up 12% of all websites and over 30% of all web traffic.

Look beyond the 'free', and you'll see 'premium content'.

Judging by the fact that many of these enjoy over 5 million hits per month, one can safely presume they are making serious moolah.So how did they stage a comeback, and how are they making any money now?

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