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05-Jan-2016 00:06

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For the past few days, I found my mind wandering back over the last eleven months and the paths that I had followed that had led me to this major turning point in my 25 years of life.

I had met Sir Campbell on the Internet, of all places.

I wanted, more accurately, needed, to be made to bear steel in my body for Him.

His natural skepticism wouldn't let Him believe that this was the person He had been in communication with.

He was residing in New York City, while I was three thousand miles away in a small San Francisco suburb.

I had been living with a Master for fifteen months, but He was unwilling to give me enough of what I needed.

But I was not willing, nor was I able to accept that, to hear it, or live with it. I could settle for nothing less than being a full time collared slave, in steel.

Our weekly chats and emails continued haphazardly for a few months.

I had read a short story that he had written and posted at the BDSM Library.

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