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At the Bottom there are some Views like "Problems" or "Console" and so on.The following plugins are recommended for our application development: Please note that all classes within the folders "src/test/*" and "*/generated-sources/*"are ignored from Checkstyle, because many tests break a lot of rules to be functional.The steps to configure this are as follows: An option to automatically deactivate save options for common projects is currently being investigated by Raphael and Andreas.When adding new classes to projects shared between CERN and GSI on the other hand, it's perfectly fine to format that code only according to GSI standards.Go to Window - "Check Code", you also can check for duplicated code by choosing "Find Suspect Cut And Paste...".To ignore PMD warnings on classes or methods you cann add the @Suppress Warnings("PMD") annotation, on single lines of codes you can add the //NOPMD comment at the end of the line (see here).

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What you can do is: WARNING: SVNKit behaves different than Java HL and the command line SVN client.

During development keep in mind that the cluster is configured for 64bit (OS, Java, etc.).

Typing "echo $JAVA_HOME" in a console on the cluster should reveal the location of the java installation.

If you have any "ascii-art" comments in your code and the formatter would make them unreadable you can add the "// @formatter:off" comment at the beginning of your comment and the "// @formatter:on" tag at the end of your comment.

This will deactivate the formatter between the two tags. If you know, how your projects depend on each other, you can provide the "Build Order" so that eclipse can speed up the build process configure working sets. The most used perspectives are "Java", "Debug", "Team Synchronize" and "SVN Repository Exploring".Example configuration: Shorten displayed names of long package names: (This will only effect the view in the "Package Explorer" (and all derived views like "SVN Team Synchronisation") all other views and the file system won't be affected! Within this perspectives you can work on a specific task in your workflow, e.g.