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28-Apr-2016 21:29

It also has the built-in functionality of keylogger. It provides much more functions, so that a Hacker has more access to your PC.Hacker can copy files from your Hard disk to his computer, and all this without your knowledge. It can be customized to connect to your PC on a particular port number specified while creating the RAT. Trojan Horses Now these are the most common type of malwares. There are many other ways which hacker usually uses, for example if you are connected to internet on a LAN, which uses the same router , a hacker can use any packet sniffer and base decoder to read all sensitive data being transmitted from your computer.Many of you might have been victims of your email accounts being hacked, or your Facebook password not working.

That’s one reason why I always suggest to enable secure browsing where ever possible.Though, the major problem comes when hackers get hold of your private and sensitive data and black-mail starts.Like I mentioned above, Similarly, there are many other methods which I have listed below are being used by hackers to hack anyone password or Email access. Keyloggers This is one of the basic tool used for getting your passwords.Most of the time they use Social engineering skills like, they will send message saying “This person has posted your bad picture on Facebook, click here to check your photo”, and once you click on the link, you will be taken to login page, as soon as you enter your password, it will be sent to hacker, and your page will reload to take you to the real page.

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Most of the time, victim don’t even realize his password is gone.Hackers hack people passwords for many reasons, some of them are just showing their skills and some of them hack for profits.