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16-Oct-2016 06:11

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But it’s worth taking some time to find the right place – somewhere with a modern, relaxed atmosphere is probably best.

Avoid old haunts if you can, and don’t make too many assumptions about what your date might enjoy.Bristol is a city that has always looked onwards and upwards – a city for explorers of the seas and skies, from John Cabot setting sail for Newfoundland in the 15th century to Concorde returning home in the 21st.And with the same spirit of adventure as these local pioneers, you can find love in Bristol.With a dating website, you can find suitable people to date from the comfort of your home, and for those Bristol singles with childcare responsibilities, it’s possible to find love in Bristol without having to pay a babysitter until you’re ready to go out on an actual date.

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So what makes e Harmony the best choice for online dating?

As they live in such a switched-on, media-savvy city, Bristol singles will find it’s a small step from online socialising to online dating.