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19-Aug-2016 19:47

'What ends up happening is a lot of trans women in porn have to go off hormones to perform,' she explained.

'And obviously doing that is super harmful to your body.

Morgan Bailey, 32, Chelsea Poe, 24, and TS Foxxy, whose 'porn age is 27', shared their thoughts on the fetishization of transgender women and the difficulties they have faced while working in the adult film industry. 'I still have friends who are being attacked and killed and having those same words screamed at them while they're being murdered,' she explained.

'We're getting more visibility than ever, but it's been one of the most violent years for trans women,' Chelsea told of the transgender community. 'So when people say, "Oh those words just exist in porn," that's bulls*** because porn doesn't exist in a vacuum.' 'When I first started doing porn I hated the word "she-male". 'If that's a tagline you have to throw on to make something sell, then that's what you have to do.' Foxxy, who has been featured in adult films for a decade, agreed with Morgan and noted that porn is an industry that refers to women as 'sluts and whores, and MILFs', which she believes the are 'just slang words'.

But Chelsea said she won't deal with being considered a fetish. If you like my porn, you're liking a woman's porn,' she said.

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