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The older literature of the language, written in Arabic characters, goes back to the seventeenth century and includes a wide range of subject matter and forms, from poetry to chronicles and history. acha, dial, ata leave (behind), desert, labedari* LPort. ] (-) pulley, block abandon; divorce (wife, husband).

There is an abundance of modern material, including perhaps a thousand titles in short stories, poet- ry, scholarly works, and text books for elementary and secondary schools.


The Swahili language (Kisuiahili) is a Bantu language spoken by perhaps as many as forty mil- lion people throughout a large part of East and Central Africa.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The compilers are moved by piety and by a sense of real and deep indebtedness when they ac- knowledge the long line of earlier toilers in this particular vineyard: Krapf, Steere, Madan, Johnson (and his many associates), Sacleux, Olderogge, and Hoftmann.* They wish also to acknowledge the very substantial assistance of Miss Barbara Dudley and Mr. Goldklang, who furnished lists of new entries and of new senses for old entries drawn from their long experience in reading contemporary Swahili texts of many kinds.

They must finally express their very great obligation to Messrs.

*See Marcel van Spaandonck, Practical and Systematical Swahili Bibliography, Linguistics 1850- 1963. When the base form is not in current use, the derivative forms appear as separate entries. Words of Arabic origin are likewise cross-referenced to derivative or related words. Common synonyms of rare entries are given in parentheses: ( = ...) 6.

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Its chief competitor in this function is English, and English is of course a formidable competi- tor indeed in Kenya and Tanzania and particularly in Uganda.

The pres- ent dictionary has critically reappraised the entire word-stock of the language, modernizing and aug- menting from many sources.